Book Us For Your Event

Baba Ghanoush is available for private parties, such as birthdays (for all ages!), weddings, and girls’ nights out.  We’re also available for festivals and cultural presentations.

We can perform as a duet or as soloists.

A 15-20 minute solo performance starts at $250.

A 15-20 minute duet performance starts at $400.

A teaching party with one instructor starts at $150.  Teaching parties include about an hour of fun beginner belly dance instruction and are a great addition to a birthday party or bachelorette party.

Our favorite props are veil and sword, and we love creating thematic performances for special events.

Additional fees may apply for travel distance or special props, costuming, or thematic requests.  We are based in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Please contact us via e-mail to discuss your event:

“The duet of Baba Ghanoush brighten any event.  I’m so happy that they are a part of Aubergine, and I highly recommend them on their own as entertainers. They are playful, captivating, and dependably professional.” -Nina Amaya, director of troupe Aubergine

” I enjoyed [your] performance very much.  So much fun and wonderful stage presence!  You ladies were just adorable…would love to see you perform again!”- Holly F., audience member at “Dance Your Heart Out” hafla

“Y’all have a great chemistry together as well as a nice ‘stage wit’ about you, definitely one of the highlights of Saturday afternoon.”- Brandon J., audience member at “Art of the Belly” festival

“Baba Ghanoush are fun, vibrant and extremely talented ladies that create a wonderful show. We have been extremely lucky to have them perform with us and cannot wait for the next time to see them grace the stage.”- Eye of Isis, PA based belly dance & live music duet

“Baba Ghanoush’s performance was such a treat! Their dance was joyful, playful, and visually captivating. Their chemistry on stage is so much fun, I can’t wait to see more of them! They’re definitely adding a unique flavor to spice up the art of belly dance.” – Shiraz, DE based belly dance artist


(Photo by Anton Marx)

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