Amy Fae


Photo courtesy of Francisco X. Guerra.

Amy Fae is a Cabaret Fusion dancer who has been shaking and shimmying for over 15 years.  Besides being half of the tasty treat Baba Ghanoush, she is a member of Troupe Aubergine under the direction of Nina Amaya, as well as an instructor and soloist.

Amy Fae enjoys performing whether it’s in a group, a duet, or as a soloist.  She loves the joy and humor she shares while dancing with Alizarin.  You can find her soloing to traditional or indy-rock song selections at local haflas, whimsically dancing her way through the Pennsylvania and Maryland Faerie Festivals (often with fellow Aubergines), and dancing for private and charity events in the Baltimore and Westminster areas.

Amy Fae has studied a variety of Middle Eastern and American belly dance styles, most notably with Nina Amaya, Mariza, Shems, and Atef Hassan in the Maryland area; Yuumi of Kanazawa, Japan; Serpentessa and Angelique of the Hudson Valley, NY area; and Allegra of Three Sisters Belly Dance, with whom she studied at Bard College in New York.

Amy Fae can bring her joyful dance to you! She currently teaches an open-level Cabaret belly dance class at EMC Performing Arts Studio in Glen Rock, PA, on Tuesdays from 7pm-8pm, and offers private lessons in her home studio. She is also available for party performances, private lessons, belly dance workshops, and teaching parties. Let her share her dance with you at your next special event. Contact her through Baba Ghanoush.

What people are saying about Amy Fae:

“What really stands out about you is the way you draw your audience in… Not only do you entrance the audience, but your interaction with them on an individual level elevates your performance and makes your audience feel a part of what you’re sharing with them.”

~Jeannie, fellow dancer

“Amy Fae,  Thank you.  You did a wonderful job…  I am sure to offer my recommendation to anyone who would like to add excitement to their party.”

~Yogi, regarding a performance at his brother’s birthday party



Photo courtesy of Meghan L. Quinn.


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