Joanna Alizarin


Performing at Art of the Belly 2014 with live band Ishtar, Photo by StereoVision photography

Joanna Alizarin began studying Cabaret style belly dance in 2007 and joined Troupe Aubergine (then Belly Dance Delight) in 2008.  Her journey into the world of performing arts through Middle Eastern dance has been an exciting metamorphosis from a visual artist more comfortable creating in private to a dancer who is willing to interpret music for an audience, digging deep to reveal emotion and story.


StereoVision Photography

The name “Alizarin,” which is an Arabic loan word in English for a deep crimson pigment, pays homage to the collaboration of many cultures represented in contemporary belly dance in America, and the collaboration of painting and dance in Alizarin’s creative world.

In addition to being a member of Troupe Aubergine under the direction of Nina Amaya, Joanna Alizarin has danced with the Lazuli Dance Ensemble under the direction of Mariza.  She has taken classes and workshops with Shahrzad Lozier, Antonia, Latifa, and other local and international instructors.  Alizarin entertained as a featured soloist at Kitchen of India’s “Art of Belly Dance” nights in Parkville, MD.

JP Photo

JP Photo

Yenra Photography

Yenra Photography










“Alizarin can switch from cute little kitten to sultry vixen in the blink of an eye, and [is] always amazing to watch!” – Christina of Eye of Isis

“I love watching her perform. She is just so lovely!  She has amazing stage presence.”- Raven of Troupe Samhain

Alizarin is available for solo performances at parties, festivals, and restaurants.  E-mail her through Baba Ghanoush or call 410-428-3432

You can see Alizarin’s work as a professional illustrator and fine artist at  She enjoys employing her visual skills to design costumes and promotional materials for Baba Ghanoush, Aubergine, and the wider belly dance community.

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