BG’s Holiday List

In the midst of this tumultuous holiday season, Baba Ghanoush would like to take a moment to share some of the things we are grateful for in our dance lives.  So here is our list, not of what we wish for, but of what we’re so very thankful for:

  • A strong Baltimore dance community that maintains high standards of professional conduct and local dancers that are willing to share advice and experiences.
  • Our Aubergine troupe family of fun-loving, interesting, wise women of diverse life experiences.
  • Each other: Baba Ghanoush dance partners with compatible communication and working styles, and complimentary dance skills.
  • Local events like the Inappropriate Halfa, Dance Your Heart Out, the Java Hafla, Goblins & Gears.
  • Our duet sisters, Cypress, who helped us put on an amazing show while raising money for House of Ruth, Maryland.
  • Supportive significant others, parents, friends, and fans.
  • Glitter and sequins.  And more glitter.

Celebrate the season with us at our upcoming solo performances at Kitchen of India on Joppa Road in Parkville, MD:

December 30: “New Years Eve Eve” with triple headliners Nina Amaya, Alizarin, and Amy Fae, $20 buffet, 6:30

January 13: Alizarin

January 20: Amy Fae

More Baba Ghanoush performance dates to follow.  Until then, here’s the video of our October performance at Mariza’s Belly Dance Showcase:

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